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Natural Citrine Yellow Crystal Quartz Wand

Natural Citrine Yellow Crystal Quartz Wand

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Material: 100% natural citrine

Size: 15-20mmx50-80mm 

Weight: 50-60mm=30-40g 

Weight: 61x70mm=40-50g 

Weight: 71x80mm=50-60g


-Natural crystals and stones have the energy from nature that will heal, help you to concentrate, and boost your spirits.

 -It will form a powerful energy field from the center, and the energy will be emitted straight out from the top tip, wherever the crystal pillar is placed 

-It will improve your work efficiency

-The energy of crystal can clear one's mind and refresh one's spirit

-Sitting meditation with a crystal point will strengthen your personal source of inspiration and sharpen your mind. 

-It will reduce electromagnetic radiation.

-Put crystal point on computer, TV, microwave oven and other electrical products or around to reduce the exposure to electromagnetic wave.


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Because it is carved by hand, not every product is exactly the same size, there may be subtle errors The materials are natural and may have minor defects



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