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In the Crossroads

Natural Black Obsidian Crystals Moon/ Boomerang Shape

Natural Black Obsidian Crystals Moon/ Boomerang Shape

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Beautiful Natural Black Obsidian Crystals Star Shape

Polished Smooth Stone Healing Crystals Room Decoration Meditation Stones Product Description

Product Specification

Size: 2-3cm Material: Black Obsidian Crystal Product color and shape may vary.

Crystals Function

  1. With social positive energy
  2. Carry out fortune, transform evil spirits and avoid evil spirits

How to cleanse and care Crystals?

  1. Using palo santo/sage to smudge the crystals.
  2. Using Bright spray The above two methods are the most common ways to care for crystal.
  3. It is better not to wash the Electroplated Crystal with water.


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